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Calling all auto experts- Solve this problem

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Calling all auto experts- Solve this problem Empty Calling all auto experts- Solve this problem

Post by enidhi Tue Mar 11 2008, 11:31

This is a real life situation my friend is facing. Please read and see if you can help.

He wants to buy a car and has a budget of 7 lakhs. So far so good, but his family (parents) has enforced following conditions on him, because of which he is in a great dilemma.

The conditions are

The car should be new one, no second hand vehicles

The car should have minimum 8 seats (Currently they are 5 people in the family which doesn’t own any vehicles-Himself, his parents and grandparents. His parents are of the opinion that is will be a good idea to buy an 8 seater as they will run out of space in the vehicle when he gets married and have kids. Future planning J)

Vehicle will be used life long-no plan of selling after few years of usage (He still uses Nokia 3315 even after buying N72)

Utility vehicles like Bolero are a NO NO since they don’t have an appeal and luxury of a car.

Innova he can’t afford.

I suggested Maruthi OMNI which is says too cheap to be a family vehicle.

He is currently considering Maruthi Versa DX2 (8 Seater) which is 4.7 lakhs ex showroom.

Do you guys have any better idea?

Poor in your thoughts-practical or creative…

Some of the creative answers can be:

A Buy an Indica, take it to Dilip Chabria and ask him to make a limo out of it with 4 extra seats

B Buy two altos, attack the second one to first one- 10 seats in total with lot of flexibility

Buy a Santro and make it a double decker with 4 more seats on top

I suggested him to buy a small car now and go for vehicles like Innova after few years when his budget increases. He doesn’t seem to be interested.
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Calling all auto experts- Solve this problem Empty Re: Calling all auto experts- Solve this problem

Post by srujanaa4 Wed Aug 04 2010, 17:19

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