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Types of Health Insurance......

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Types of Health Insurance...... Empty Types of Health Insurance......

Post by jiten702 Wed Oct 20 2010, 13:26

There are mainly three types of Health Insurance covers:

1.Group insurance : Group medical insurance offers insurance cover to a group with a common trait it may be employees of a company, members of a club or an association or members of a co-operative society etc. Many employers now provide medical insurance as a perquisite to their employees.

2.Individual Mediclaim : This is the simplest form of health insurance policy & caters to the specific needs of an individual. It covers the hospitalization expenses for an individual for up to the sum assured limit. The insurance premium is dependent on the sum assured value.

3.Family Floater Policies : These policies are enhanced version of the mediclaim policy. A floater is a unique plan wherein the value of sum insured opted can be used by all the members of the family i.e each opted family member comes under the policy. The premium for family floater plans is typically less than that for separate insurance cover for each family member. Family floater makes sense for a family because each one in family gets a big cover.


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