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luxury is being unavoidable

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luxury is being unavoidable Empty luxury is being unavoidable

Post by brendon Fri Oct 15 2010, 17:07

The land area on the planet earth is far less than the area covered by water. Many part of this area is covered with forest and some part is also taken for cultivation for the survival of the whole human species on the planet. Again the remaining part is again shared for buildings and the so called developments. It won’t be a false judgment that the buildings make the cities. Today the cities are recognized and are known by the huge buildings. Washington DC is known for the White House, Kula Lumpur for the Twin Towers, Delhi for Taj Mahal, and so on. Thus the buildings and their erection are unavoidable and the same is very true in the case of homes as well. The building of homes too is the part of the edifice. Along with the home today one more criteria is unavoidable and that is none other than luxury.
Today luxury has become unavoidable as its presence is evident in one way or the other in the newly built houses. Today all the newly built houses may not come under the category of luxury homes but do carry at least the glimpse of the same in every possible way. Today being luxurious has different stands and different perspectives to look at. For being luxurious it doesn’t require a huge well furnished bungalow. The land value is also taken into consideration. Even if we build a new hut, right at the centre of the city, as we may owe the land area, is also considered to be luxurious. Thus it seems like being luxurious and non-luxurious has already been set in the imaginations of the human beings.
In the building of the Luxury Homes Builder has his own part to play, which is somewhat vital than any other too. The ultimate design has to come from the builder. So his suggestion is the most valuable. To build luxury homes and the designing of the same is a bit risky today since everywhere, in every newly built house there will be the glimpses and to build an exclusive luxury home needs a lot more imagination, since the playground is wide. The builder should have good product knowledge and the materials to be used and also the quality of the same. Unlike other homes in building a luxury home the design totally depends on the ideology of the consumer.

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