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Online Trading in the Indian Stock Market

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Online Trading in the Indian Stock Market Empty Online Trading in the Indian Stock Market

Post by darkburke Tue May 18 2010, 19:53

Online Trading entered India around the 1990ís and was looked upon with skepticism. There were many concerns raised
particularly security. Gradually it has gained popularity and now a lot of people are into online trading especially with increased awareness among
professionals on investments and the time constraints. Fortunately, help is at hand through the online investing platforms that are available to investors. Today technology enables you to completely plan your investing needs in the comfort of your home and at the time you like, all at the click of the mouse. All you need is a computer, net connection and a subscription to a 3-in-1 online investing account with a reliable service provider such as Reliance Money.

To begin investing online you need to register as a member with either a trading account, which enables you to transact online, an internet enabled bank account for online money transfers through internet, or a demat account, where your shares will be deposited. Here are a few basic steps that one needs to do when doing trading online. Firstly, trading is to register at a trading platform of your choice, for e.g. part of Reliance Money. There are different requirements for registration - depending on the platform you chose to register on. Usually individual traders do registration online and there are various forms of registration. Next step would be to deposit trading funds. This additional amount will serve as a guarantee or collateral. Some companies even pay an interest on this collateral. Then, the actually trading process begins. You may trade on a 24-hour basis. There are web-based platforms and non-web-based platforms. All that you will ever need is a connection to the internet, log-in,funds to trade/deposit, and then to do actual online trading. The greatest advantage brought about by online trading is access to information in real time. One may monitor his account, make orders, deal, and deposit, withdraw, check position status etc. real time. Last step would be to process online trading transactions. When you execute an online trading transaction, your data will be processed and stored on a server.

The process of trading stocks online is simplified and hassle-free. Whatís more, the time spent in investing is greatly reduced and one can invest in shares, mutual funds, gold or IPOís. With online trading informed decision can be made as there is a lot of information available online. And there is no time schedule either. Investments can be made anytime of the day and not necessarily only during the working hours. You can benefit from the most competitive prices offered by brokers. In addition, buying or selling is not dependant on the availability of brokers. And best of
all you can trade your stocks from the luxury of your home at any given hour!

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Online Trading in the Indian Stock Market Empty Re: Online Trading in the Indian Stock Market

Post by seenathkumar Wed Jun 09 2010, 12:04

These kind of information are really interesting knowing in and out on trading and stock market is really great. I appreciate you for giving this information Keep it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!up. Online Trading in the Indian Stock Market Icon_biggrin

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Online Trading in the Indian Stock Market Empty Online Trading in the Indian Stock Market

Post by Bhanu Mon Aug 02 2010, 16:40

Good morning...
these are really intresting.............
Thank you for sharing with us...



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Online Trading in the Indian Stock Market Empty Re: Online Trading in the Indian Stock Market

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