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United Nations System of National Accounts

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United Nations System of National Accounts Empty United Nations System of National Accounts

Post by madhavi Thu Apr 29 2010, 16:30

The United Nations System of National Accounts (often
abbreviated as "SNA" or "UNSNA") is an international standard system of national accounts, the first international standard being
published in 1953 [1].
Handbooks have been released for the 1968 revision, the 1993 revision,
and the 2008 revision [2]
The aim of UNSNA is to provide an integrated, complete system
accounts enabling international comparisons of all significant economic
activity. The suggestion is that individual countries use UNSNA as a
guide in constructing their own national accounting systems, to promote
international comparability. However, adherence to an international
standard is not, and cannot, be rigidly enforced, and the systems used
by some countries (for example, France, United
States) differ significantly from the standard. In itself this is
not a major problem, provided that each system provides sufficient data
which can be reworked to compile national accounts according to the
United Nations standard.Economic and financial data from member countries are used to compile
annual (and sometimes quarterly) data on gross product, investment,
capital transactions, government expenditure and foreign trade. The
results are published in a UN Yearbook, National Accounts Statistics:
Main Aggregates and Detailed Tables
, which currently (and until the
2008 revision comes into force) follows the 1993 recommendations[3].
The values provided are in the national currency.
Additionally, national statistical offices may also publish SNA-type
data series. More detailed data at a lower level of aggregation is often
available on request. Because national accounts data is notoriously
prone to revision (because it involves a very large number of different
data sources, entries and estimation procedures impacting on the
totals), there are often discrepancies between the totals cited for the
same accounting period in different publications issued in different
years. The "first final figures" may in fact be retrospectively revised
several times because of new sources, methods or conceptual changes. The
yearly revisions may be quantitatively slight, but cumulatively across
e.g. ten years they may alter a trend significantly. This is something
the researcher should bear in mind in seeking to obtain a consistent
data set.
The quality and comprehensiveness of national accounts data differs
between countries. Among the reasons are thatsome governments invest far more money in statistical research than
other governments.Economic activity in some countries is much more difficult to
measure accurately than in others for example, a large grey economy,
widespread illiteracy, a lack of cash economy, survey access
difficulties, very large mobility of people and assets - this is
particularly the case in sub-Saharan countries.Some statistical agencies have more scientific autonomy and
budgetary discretion than others some countries have a strong intellectual tradition in the area of
social statistics, others do 3500 wheel bearing
global sourcing


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United Nations System of National Accounts Empty Re: United Nations System of National Accounts

Post by seenathkumar Thu Jun 10 2010, 20:45

Really great information really liked your post on UNSNA.

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United Nations System of National Accounts Empty Re: United Nations System of National Accounts

Post by srujanaa4 Wed Aug 04 2010, 15:15

fine..good information about it...



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United Nations System of National Accounts Empty Re: United Nations System of National Accounts

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