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Construction wages to grow about 12 percent

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Construction wages to grow about 12 percent Empty Construction wages to grow about 12 percent

Post by dezzin01 Wed Jan 20 2010, 14:15

The wages in the construction industry is expected to grow about 12 percent through the year 2010, compared to 15 percent projected for all industries combined. Employment in this industry depends on construction and remodeling activity. In Cochin, the construction industry is in a boom period and the workers are in high demand.

Job opportunities are expected to be excellent in the construction industry, due largely to the numerous openings arising each year from experienced construction workers who leave jobs.

In a place like Cochin, the need for new construction and infrastructure is very high and is expanding at an unbelievable rate.

Employment growth in the various segments of the construction industry varies but is on a general rise. There is a high demand for new commercial and housing space just as there is huge demand for road construction and remodeling work.

The demand for residential construction is expected to continue to grow. The demand for larger apartments with more amenities, as well as for second homes, will continue to rise, especially as the income of the average Indian is getting bigger and bigger. The amenities and luxuries of Cochin apartments becomes proportionately superior with the increase in the income of the people

Employment in nonresidential construction is also on the rise with more and more industries being attracted to start a base here.

Kochi being a prominent hub for the real estate market, we have several top notch builders in the state; Jairaj Builders being one of them.

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