Picking the Right Mutual Fund......

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Picking the Right Mutual Fund...... Empty Picking the Right Mutual Fund......

Post by jiten702 on Wed Oct 06 2010, 12:58

Always give some thought process while choosing mutual funds before investing. Find out what to consider and what research to do before choosing a fund. You can choose the fund on various factors but essentially these can be the following that you should look into:-

  • Define your Investment objectives & time horizon.
  • Choose your fund by the track record of scheme's performance over time.
  • Always look for the right funds that will help your pile of investment to grow.
  • Take a look at the fund companies i.e. Origin of the Mutual Fund.
  • Look at the degree of transparency as reflected in frequency and quality of their communications.
  • Analyze your risk appetite.
  • Select funds that are consistent in giving returns.


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