Why Can't We Be Right More Often?

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Why Can't We Be Right More Often?

Post by vivek042 on Thu Feb 25 2010, 16:42

Everyday seems to be the same as the last at the moment. No clear direction from the U.S., a very choppy and sloppy market, mixed results from our major blue chip companies and of course a barrage of information coming from all angles.

If it wasn't hard enough already you can factor in oil prices, gold prices, world economy, IRAQ and the list goes on. So who should I listen to and what should I read?

Well the answer is simple really...Yourself! No-one can predict with all certainty which way the market is heading and ultimately the market itself will be right in the end.

Learn to grasp what is happening in the world around you, and for me, try to avoid reading every article that crosses your desk. You have enough to worry about already!

As traders it is imperative that we keep our emotions under control and certainly learn to be patient. We always try to read and predict market movements and usually, with experience, you will learn to do this with more accuracy as time goes by.

But in uncertain times such as these we have to accept some of the results that we are dealt with from day to day.

We believe the ultimate test for all of us that wish to become successful at trading is to educate yourself, take the good from the bad and learn from our experiences so we live to fight another day.

Will you be successful? Well no-one can answer that. This will be determined over the longer term to see how you faired financially and of course emotionally.

Trading by nature does not suit all and I am often asked to sum it all up in one word what makes the end result profitable. My answer is simple and always the same........PERSISTENCE!

In the end the resilient will be successful regardless of their own short term results.

Fortunate Management India


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Re: Why Can't We Be Right More Often?

Post by nitikasnv on Sat Mar 06 2010, 14:38

The article is showing a positive direction that will take you to choose what you can do to make everything right as, there will be lot many things you will face at many instances and then you have to decide by your own what it takes to choose a right option for you.



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Why Can't We Be Right More Often?

Post by Bhanu on Mon Aug 02 2010, 16:52

Good morning...

Thank you for sharing with us...



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Re: Why Can't We Be Right More Often?

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